Brush Restorer & Cleaner - 畫筆修復液 清潔液 85 ml

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The range of auxiliary products has been formulated to modify the characteristics of a color.

Our selection can be divided between mediums which change the transparency or the shine of a color, or to reproduce the natural effect of chipped off paint, or employed to fix decals on the model, and varnishes, both acrylic and polyurethane, which unify the finish of the models or figures and provide a protection and additional resistance to manipulation.

Our airbrush mediums are used as much to dilute a color as to delay the drying of paint in the airbrush and the different cleaners are employed to assure the best maintenance to the working tools of the modeler, be it brushes or airbrushes.

Brush Restorer - softens and restores all fine sable brushes used for watercolors, miniatures, silk painting, etc.

Does not contain alcohol.

Brush Cleaner - Cleaner for brushes which have been used with alcohol based paints (Liquid Gold, Supergold) and brushes which simply need a more thorough cleaning.

Will not damage even the finest Kolinsky Sable brushes.

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