C-Line Wire (Brass) 模型改造用超極細金屬銅棒 銅條 銅支 OP-051 ~ OP-056

Wave CorporationSKU: OP-056

Size: No.6 [2.0 mm]
Sale price$18.00



A brass wire that can be used to reinforce joints such as robots and figures. Infinite applications such as antenna expression and handmade hinge shafts.

■No.1…0.3 mm × 6 pcs
■No.2…0.5 mm × 6 pcs
■No.3…0.8 mm × 5 pcs
■No.4…1.0 mm × 5 pcs
■No.5…1.5 mm × 3 pcs
■No.6…2.0 mm × 3 pcs

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