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The longtime seller “A” has been fully remodeled and now called “A-1”.

The thin-model cutter, featuring a full-scale pocket-clip/blade snapper and carbon-like engraving on handle, fits hands and pockets perfectly.

Thanks to its special fine control Auto-Lock slider, the sharp angle SAB/DKB blades are its official spare blades along with the standard AB/ABB blades.

For both left- and right-handed users.

A compact cutter knife that is easy to use down to the smallest detail.

It has a thin shape that is easy to hold in your hand, allowing you to work comfortably.

The exposure of the blade can be set in detail, and it is also possible to attach a crafted blade.

The clip is firmly locked with two claws to reduce the risk of it coming off unexpectedly.

Product Name: A-1

Packing: Blister Packed

Accessories: -

Auto-lock slider for fine adjustment:

The exposure amount of the blade can be set more finely, and the blade feed is very smooth.

Easy-to-grip shape:

The thin body and easy-to-grip shape allow you to work comfortably.

Carbon-like texturing:

The back of the body has a carbon-like grain finish, giving it a timeless design.

Secure locking clip:

Since it is firmly locked with two claws, it prevents the clip from accidentally coming off.

with strap hole:

The top of the clip has a hole where you can attach a strap, etc.

for left and right:


 It can also be used for left-handers by reversing the blade.

Blade replacement method:

While holding the tabs on both sides, pull out the clip and replace the blade.

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