Aquesous Hobby Color: Classy 'n Dressy Color 水性漆 ~ 花卉專用色 [消光] (10 ml) HCD01 - HCD08

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Pick your choice: Lavender [薰衣草]
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GSI Creos has launched a new brand "Classy 'n Dressy" for craft users!

7 water-based colors (18ml) that can be used for crafts and miniatures with flower motifs.

Pastel colors of ginseng, mimosa, cherry, tulip, lavender, blue star and clover.

The colors are supervised by miniature artist Satoshi Tanaka, and the design of the feminine package is handled by illustrator Miya (Ayumi Miyama).

It is also possible to combine with the existing Mr. HOBBY aqueous hobby color, and you can enjoy a cute color scheme.


Miniature production, fake sweets, dollhouses, accessories, models, etc.

Applicable materials:

Clay, wood, styrene resin, plastic board, rubber, etc.

How to use:

There is basically no need to dilute for brush painting, but for airbrushing, add 100-150% water-based hobby color diluent.

Apply 1-2 coats with a brush, and 2-3 coats with an airbrush to achieve a beautiful finish.

If the base color is dark and the layered colors are transparent, apply more layers as needed. It is possible to wash with water before drying.

For the first time, we asked illustrator Miya (Ayumi Miyama) for the design, and Mr. Satoshi Tanaka, a famous miniature artist, to supervise the colors.

Please look forward to the future development of the new series, which has increased appeal to female craft users.

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