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A convenient cutter that can cut thin materials such as paper, vinyl, and film into circles, just like using a compass.

Can be cut from 1 cm to 15 cm in diameter.

With puncture prevention plate.

5 spare blades are built into the cap.

Can be cut from 4 cm to 15 cm in diameter when using a plate.

Unique ratchet handle is simple and easy to use and greatly reduces wrist fatigue.

Designed for both right- and left-handed use.

Product Name: CMP-1

Packing: Blister Packed

Accessories: COB-1 x 6 pcs.


  • For both right and left handed users

You can cut the material circularly in the same way as the compass. For thin materials such as paper, vinyl, and film.


① Loosen the screw of the slider and adjust the slider according to the size you want to cut.

*A circle with a diameter of 1 to 15 cm ( 4 to 15 cm when using a puncture prevention plate ) can be cut.

(2) Use the included puncture prevention plate when cutting materials that you do not want to drill holes in.

*Please note that if you apply too much force, the needle may pierce through.

With convenient cap:

Comes with a cap containing 5 spare blades .

When removing the cap, hold it as shown in the illustration.

Also, when storing, attach the cap with the slider close to the needle side so that the blade and needle can be stored.

How to replace the blade:

Remove the screw and set the new blade correctly as shown in the illustration.

* Do not remove the screw except when replacing the blade.

For left and right:

If you change the direction of the blade, you can use it as a left-handed use.

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