Custom Micron Takumi 匠 Side Feed 0.18 mm Dual Action Airbrush

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Mastering a craft might take a lifetime. Hours of practice and years of study until the hand and the mind become one: until there is no distance between the imagination and the materials. In Japan, such skilled artisans are called Takumi.

Iwata Custom Micron Takumi Side Feed Airbrush, first and foremost, has all of the spray attributes of Iwata Custom Micron airbrushes. In addition this side feed model also includes a redesigned, compact body style for improved control  and balance. This, combined with a new gravity assisted side feed cup improves paint flow, making Takumi remarkably responsive. The two-piece 0.24 oz/7 ml cup design disassembles for easy cleaning and siphon cut lid helps reduce paint build-up.

Who sprays with Iwata Custom Micron Takumi Side Feed Dual Action Airbrush?
  • Artisans looking for unparalleled responsiveness and balance
  • Professional painters or hobbyists with high level airbrush skills
  • Painters using fine to extreme detail and scale
  • Those using thin spray material or who are skilled at reducing paint for optimal flow
  • Right or left-handed users
  • 0.10 oz / 3 ml cup option sold separately

Spray Performance Category

Absolute Precision


Custom Micron

Spray Scale

Extreme Detail to Medium

Atomization Pattern


Optimal Working Pressure

12 - 15 psi (0.08 - 0.10 Mpa)

Head System

C1 - Needle, Nozzle, Nozzle Cap

Nozzle Size

0.18 mm

Nozzle Type


Feed Style


Paint Capacity

0.24 oz (7 ml)

Operating Type

Dual Action

Handle Type

Single Cut, Pre-Set with Crown Cap Dock

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