Decaling Quick Tray - PMKJ008

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Product Specifications:

◆ Size

  • Decal tray: about 80 mm x 177 mm x 32 mm
  • Tweezers: about 13 mm x 73 mm x 7 mm
  • Curved scissors: about 65 mm x 142 mm x 10 mm

◆ Accessories

  • Resin tweezers
  • Curved scissors

◆ Material

  • Decal tray, Tweezers: ABS
  • Sponge: PVA Sponge

    ▼ Product introduction & usage ▼

    [Care instructions]

    ◎ Tray (main body)

    Throw away the water from the mount in the trash can, rinse it lightly, and then wipe it dry.

    ◎ Sponge

    Remove it from the tray, squeeze it and run it under water, then dry it and store it.

    * Storing it in a wet state may cause mold, etc.

    * When the sponge dries, its original size will become smaller and its shape will become crooked, but this is not a defective product.

    ◎ Tweezers

    There may be some decal glue on it, so please rinse it gently and then wipe it dry.
    please do.

    * When storing the tweezers in the tray, store them with the horizontal bar of the tweezers facing down.

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