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Finish Master ~ G-06

The contents of the set are as follows.

● Stick ---> 1 pc
● Tip ---> 10 pcs

Attach the tips to both ends of the stick.

The tip made of foamed olefin is specially processed and has excellent absorbency and flexibility. For flat surface, use the tip part for fine work,  the flexibility of the Gaia Notes Finish Master allows work that could not be done with a ordinary cotton swab.

Wiping off the stain:

As shown in the figure on the left, "Finish Master" makes it easy to work even in places where it is difficult to wipe off the wipes.




Wiping a flat surface:

Having a flat surface allows you to only remove excess paint and the finish of the smear is very clean.



More flexibility gives you even more flexibility.

By being able to work as you wish even in odd places where it was difficult to wipe off the wipes, the degree of perfection of the work will be further improved and it will be very fun to make.

The image below shows the wiping after adding the stain.

The image below was wiped off leaving a dirty atmosphere. All can be finished with one finish master. It's up to you to finish it beautifully or make it look dirty.

The finish master can be used as many times as you like by cleaning it.

When using enamel-based paint, wash with enamel-based solvent, and when using lacquer-based paint, wash with tool wash until you are concerned about dirt. (If it is very dirty, replace it.)

After soaking it in a solvent, use a tissue or the like to press it from around the tip to absorb the dirt.

Finish Master R ~ G-06r


A cotton swab with a new concept that does not generate cotton dust. As it is highly flexible and absorbent, it is ideal for wiping after smearing.

You can easily wipe off areas that were previously difficult to work with. It is also useful for expressing stains, making figures and dolls, and cleaning airbrushes.

The tip can be used repeatedly by washing it with a solvent. The shaft has been renewed to make it easier to use.

Finish Master Extra Fine R ~ G-06br


An extra-fine type that is even thinner than the finish master. You can do more detailed work than ever before, and you can wipe off the stains on difficult parts and express stains.

A high-density sponge type with excellent solvent resistance and flexibility. The tip can be used repeatedly by washing it with a solvent.

The axis has been renewed to make it easier to use.

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