MechatroWeGo Colour Series メカトロウィーゴ (15 ml)

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This is an original color that we asked the creator, Kazushi Kobayashi, to create for MechatroWeGo.

We will develop it as a paint that will further expand the world of MechatroWeGo.

MechatroWego is an original robot designed by Kazushi Kobayashi that first appeared as a 1/20 scale garage kit at the Wonder Festival held in February 2012.

It has gained popularity for its cute and versatile design, and has been developed into finished figures and plastic models.

Kazushi Kobayashi

He made his debut as a writer for Monthly Hobby Japan magazine while enrolled in a vocational school.

He is in charge of production articles for character plastic models.

After that, he worked at a company that created special effects miniatures such as Godzilla, but changed his job to a 3DCG video company in line with the trends of his time.

In 2000, when he became freelance, he began working on commercial prototypes for toys and 3DCG work for movies, which he continues to do today.

In recent years, he has been in charge of 3DCG modeling for Evangelion and other characters in ``Evangelion: Rebuild of Evangelion: Joha Q''.

In 2006, he started an original project called "Mechatronics Chubu."

We are continuing to present and sell our works at Wonder Festival.

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