Gundam Marker ~ Ultra Thin Pen Point for Panel Lining 劃線筆,勾線筆 [油性]

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This it the most popular panel liner. Available in 3 colors.


Panel lining is the first step of Gunpla customization beginners can try.

It is a process of applying ink to each pieces's grooves to improve the overall look and detail of your Gunpla kit.

It is easy to apply and the panel lined Gunpla would look more realistic and Three-Dimensional.

The effect is stronger when you choose the color to ink according to the color of the model parts.

In general, you can use black for dark parts, grey for lighter parts and brown for red parts.

There are 3 colors, so please use them properly according to the color of the object to be painted and the expression method.

Example of use:

● Black: For dark-colored parts such as white and blue and gray, and for a strong and crisp expression

● Gray: For light-colored parts such as white and for slightly restrained expression

● Brown: Red and gold-plated For parts

★This product is designed to be applied directly to unpainted plastic surfaces. If applied over a coat of Mr. COLOR, AQUEOUS HOBBY COLOR, GUNDAM COLOR or GUNDAM MARKER (COLORED TYPE), the ink from this marker may melt the paint film.

★Be aware that the melted paint film may clog the marker tip, making it difficult for the ink to come out.

  • It takes about a day or two to completely dry. It may take longer to dry if the humidity is high.
  • Must only be used on plastic models.
  • Painting on ABS plastic is not recommended as the ink may damage the surface.
  • Put the lid back on after use.


After panel lining, spray a coat of TOPCOAT or PREMIUM TOPCOAT.

* When using on a painted surface, please use a wipe type violet pen (GM20 / 21) or a mechanical pencil type GP01 .

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