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Customize your Gunpla with Gundam Markers!

GM04 ~ GM19

Painting your Gunpla with Gundam Markers can level up with customization skill.

Gundam marker painting is a popular marker that can easily reproduce the original colors of Gundam and BB Senshi.

If you have passed the panel lining stage, you can be more creative and try creating your original Gunpla.

Uses alcohol-based paint that develops color well and has a long stretch.

The diagonally cut pen tip (flat core) can be used for painting wide surfaces and small parts depending on the direction of application.

There is nothing incorrect about the colors you choose, simply let your imagination run free!

If you are new to painting your model kits, you can begin by coloring in small areas of your model kit.

If you are confident enough to drastically change the appearance of your model kit, use Gundam Marker Airbrush System to airbrush the ink from the marker.

You can try color gradation, airbrush after masking off some areas and brush painting small areas.



Simply color in plastic surfaces or use Gundam Marker Airbrush System to airbrush the ink from the marker. Panel lining can be added after drying the painted surface.

Erase the excess ink with a rubber or GM300 ERASURE MARKER.

  • It takes about a day or two to completely dry. It may take longer to dry if the humidity is high.
  • Must only be used on plastic models.
  • Painting on ABS plastic is not recommended as the ink may damage the surface.
  • Put the lid back on after use.
  • Made in Japan.

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