Gundam Marker ~ Pour Type Set 流墨滲入性墨線筆套組

Mr. HobbySKU: GMS-122

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Introducing a pouring-type marker pen for Gundam markers!

Knock the pen tip on a piece of paper, moisten it with ink, and then just hit the pen tip on the mold!

It flows smoothly into the mold and can be smeared!

The protruding part can be erased with an eraser or "GM300 Gundam Marker Eraser Pen".

● Caution:

・ Do not recoat with other colors such as Gundam marker paint or Mr. color. When used over paint, the ink will dissolve the base paint.

・ If a coating agent is used after painting, it may bleed.

-When used over plated parts, it melts the plated surface.

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