Gundam Marker ~ Surface Varnish 油光筆 [水性]

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Pick your Choice: Clear Gloss [透明光澤]
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Gundam Maker Clear Gloss & Clear Matt

GM501 & GM502

In response to customer requests for a finished coat with a Gundam marker, we are launching a new Gundam marker for clear coats.

We have prepared two types, glossy and matt, so you can choose according to your expression.

In addition, because it is completely aqueous and does not contain solvents, it does not attack the base and can be coated over the Gundam marker.

We recommend painting with a Gundam marker airbrush, but painting with a pen is also possible.

* Since the fixing is weaker than the solvent-based clear, the paint is easy to peel off when rubbed. Please be careful when handling.


  • Header bag type
  • Size 200 x 45 x 10 (mm) The packaging type is only the header type.

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