HG File (Side Sliding Type / Flat) - Fine & Smooth 雙面式横削銼刀 [細目 & 油目] HT-285

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Slide sideways to cut.

A file for model work that is useful for cutting plastic and resin parts. By processing a special file, it is possible to use it by "sliding sideways to cut", which was not possible with conventional files. With this new usage, it can be conveniently used for tasks and crafts that were difficult with conventional files, such as processing the edges of character models.
A single file with a beautiful finish is used for the file, and different files (fine / oil) are set on each of the front and back sides. You can select the file to be used according to the finish and material, and it supports a wide range of work. The compact size makes it easy to handle and pursues work comfort.
Made in Japan to achieve high quality file.

■ Overall length 135 mm / Width 10 mm (File part overall length 40 mm)
■ File: Fine / Smooth

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