HG File (Side Sliding Type / Half Round) - Fine 曲面銼刀 [半丸 - 細目] HT-283

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Half-round type that is convenient for processing inverted R surfaces!

● A file for model work that is useful for cutting plastic and resin parts.
● By processing a special file, it is possible to use it by "sliding sideways to cut", which was not possible with conventional files.
● The semi-round shape is convenient for machining inverted R surfaces, removing edges, and cutting extruded pin marks on curved surfaces.
● The file is a single grain specification with a beautiful finish, and a lineup of fine type suitable for finishing work and coarse type suitable for cutting work.
● The compact size makes it easy to handle, and pursues work comfort.
● Made in Japan to achieve high quality file.

* This product is a knife, so please handle it with care. Also, do not apply excessive force to the cutting edge during work.

■ Overall length approx. 135mm / Width approx. 10mm (File part total length approx. 40mm)

■ File: Fine

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