HG Stainless Steel Tweezers [Reverse Action - Straight Type] 不銹鋼逆向鑷子 [尖頭] HT-077

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Reverse-acting precision tweezers that make it easy to hold small parts for a long time
  • A reverse-acting type precision tweezers for models that makes it easy to hold small parts for a long time.
  • Since you can hold the parts without continuing to apply force to your fingertips, it is convenient for fixing the adhesive until it dries or for holding it when painting a little.
  • The tip has a flat shape with no knurls, making it difficult to damage the parts to be held.
  • Opening width of the tip: Approximately 13 mm * Reference value


-If you grab an extremely hard material or a material that is too large for the opening width of the tip, it may be deformed or damaged. Also, it is not possible to hold something that is excessively heavy.

・ Please note that the surface of the object may be scratched by the force of the tip.

■ Body size: Body size (length): Approximately 118 mm
■ Product material: Stainless steel

* Tools, materials, parts, etc. other than this product used in the explanatory photos are not included.


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