Individual Precision 0.6 mm Drill Bit for HG Quick Change Pin Vise 0.6 mm 快拆式鑽頭 HT-336

Wave CorporationSKU: HT-336

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The long-awaited precision blade is now available for that one-touch pin vise!

The mounting part with a special structure is adopted, and by combining with "Wave HG One Touch Pin Vise", it is possible to replace the drill blade with one touch. Titanium coating is applied to the surface of the drill blade for long-lasting cutting performance. The drill diameter is engraved on the hexagonal shaft of the mounting part.

In addition, the damage prevention cap that comes with this product can be used as a grip for a hand-cranked precision drill.

* This product is a dedicated drill blade for "Wave HG One Touch Pin Vise". It cannot be used with commercially available general pin vise.

■ Lineup from 0.5 mm to 0.9 mm in 0.1 mm increments

■ Product code:

HT-335 (diameter 0.5 mm)

HT-336 (diameter 0.6 mm)

HT-337 (diameter 0.7 mm)

HT-338 (diameter 0.8 mm)

HT- 339 (diameter 0.9 mm)

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