Hi-Line HP-TH Gravity Feed 0.5 mm Dual Action Trigger Airbrush

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Offering total control of specialized, spray patterns, Iwata Hi-Line HP-TH Gravity Feed Dual Action Trigger Airbrush boasts unique spray capabilities and features. Its micro air control (MAC) valve enables incremental control of airflow for fine to large spray patterns.  Round-pattern and fan-pattern air caps allow you to cover areas quickly and evenly and a variety of controlled stipple effects can be achieved using the MAC valve. 

Hi-Line HP-TH includes a generous, removable 0.50 oz / 15 ml fluid cup with lid that is ideal for color mixing and easy cleanup. The preset handle feature sets the spray to a desired output for greater ease, control and less finger fatigue. Iwata needles are made with flexible spring steel that resists breakage and our needle packings are solvent resistant for longevity. 

Also included is an Iwata nozzle spanner that is used to remove the nozzle for cleaning and Iwata Lube, which lubricates the needle and main lever mechanism. 

Spray Performance Category

Total Control



Spray Scale

Fine to Wide

Atomization Pattern

Round & Fan

Optimal Working Pressure

Round Cap: 25 - 35 psi (0.17 - 0.24 Mpa)

Fan Cap: 30 - 40 psi (0.21 - 0.28 Mpa)

Head System

H5 - Needle, Nozzle, Air Cap [Fan & Round Pattern]

Nozzle Size

0.5 mm

Nozzle Type


Feed Style


Paint Capacity

0.50 oz (15 ml)

Operating Type

Dual Action

Handle Type



  • Preset Handle for precise control of paint/material flow.
  • Solvent-proof material is used for fluid needle packing.
  • One-piece auxiliary level/needle chucking guide assembly for easy maintenance.
  • Larger diameter nozzle thread, to make the nozzle much stronger and ensure better nozzle centering. 

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