2 mm Sanding Sponge Refill / Combo Set 研磨海綿砂紙 補充包 綜合包 SP2

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Size: Grit Size: Combo
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研磨海綿補充包 [10入] / 研磨海綿綜合包 [20入]

Sanding Sponge Refill [10 pcs] & Sanding Sponge Combo Set [20 pcs]

砂紙: Grit Size: #320 #400 #600 #800 #1000 #1500 #3000 & #Combo Set

Available in both 2 mm and 3 mm, MADWORKS Sanding Sponge provides a very comfortable grip for sanding.

3 mm sponge can be used for larger surface area, whilst 2 mm can be easily wrapped around other sanding tools such as a rod, making them the perfect tools for any model kit sanding applications.

MADWORKS Sanding Sponges are designed specifically for plastic model kits (ABC/PVC), resin kits, and epoxy kits. They are efficient and long lasting, minimizing the needs to replacing the sponges before the job is done.

• SP2-320 / SP2-400 / SP2-600 / SP2-800 / SP2-1000 / SP2-1500 / SP2-3000 includes:
10pc in each package, grid # as indicated.

海綿砂紙具有相當良好的手感, 在打磨時增加舒適度, 3 mm可以用於平面及大曲面, 2 mm 可以輕易折彎用於圓棒, 圓弧面等使用

SP2 (2mm) Basic Combo Pack is perfect for prepping you work for painting.

With the higher-grade grits, Detailing Combo Pack gives you a perfect finish every time, even without painting.  Available in 2 mm and 3 mm.

• SP2-000

#320 x 4pc / #400 x 4pc / #600 x 4pc / #800 x 4pc / #1000 x 4pc

Grit and size as indicated.

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