Acrylic Grinding Plate & Adhesive Sanding Paper 模型用研磨板及自黏背膠砂紙

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Size: Grit Size: 240
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Acrylic Grinding Plate & Adhesive Sanding Paper

Save time trimming and replacing sand paper; MADWORKS Adhesive Sanding Papers are the perfect choice for large sanding jobs.

Comes with the most commonly used grits, these low-tack sanding papers minimize the chance any residue are left on the Acrylic Grinding Plate. We package them like a pack of gum so it is easy to organize: no more messy work space or trimming of sand papers.

Available grid:

29240 (#240) | 29320 (#320) | 29400 (#400) | 29600 (#600) | 29800 (#800) | 29100 (#1000)

PS: Because the Adhesive Sanding Paper has a Plus-Tolerance whilst the Acrylic Grinding Plate has a Minus-Tolerance, these sanding papers have a bigger dimension!)

Adhesive Sanding Paper: 20 mm x 90 mm, 20 pcs in each pack

Acrylic Grinding Plate: 20 mm x 80 mm, 3 pcs in each pack

模型用研磨板 & 自黏背膠砂紙

MADWORKS 低粘度背膠砂紙可以節省切割與更換砂紙的效率 適合用於大量的平面研磨

針對錶面處理常用的號數推出套裝組合, 採用低黏度背膠砂紙, 降低殘膠在亞克力板發生機率(因各地溫濕度不同及各人使用力度不同,仍有殘膠發生機率),口香糖包裝解決桌面整齊還有裁切所浪費的工時!!


砂紙尺寸:20 mm x 90 mm

研磨板尺寸: 20 mm x 80 mm [3 Pieces]

砂紙: Grit Size: #240 #320 #400 #600 #800 #1000

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