Polishing Compound Set 研磨膏套組 (平目, 粗目, 中目, 細目, 拋光蠟)

DspiaeSKU: CP-000

Size: Combo Set [研磨膏套組]
Sale price$95.00


Polishing Compound:

CP-000 Combo Set: Coarse, Fine & Super Fine [研磨膏套組: 粗目/中目/細目]

This set includes 3 polishing compound: CP-001 (Coarse) / CP-002 (Fine) / CP-003 (Super Fine). Three pieces of polishing clothes are included in each set.

CP-004: Finish [研磨膏拋光蠟]

A piece of polishing clothes is included.

CP-005: Super Coarse [模型用研磨膏: 平目]

A new addition to existing polishing compounds. This super coarse compound is for removing scratches left behind by #2000/#3000 sanding. Use this before proceeding with regular polishing compounds to achieve extra fine finishes.

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