Polishing Wheel Set 鏡面拋光研磨海綿輪 (粗, 中, 細) CP-005

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Polishing Wheel Set [Coarse, Medium & Fine]

研磨拋光海綿輪 (粗,中 & 細)鏡面拋光利器

Each box includes 3 wheels for pairing with power rotary tools for polishing. 3 wheels have different texture for corresponding compounds. Use the wheel labeled “coarse” for CP-001 (Coarse) or CP-005 (Super Coarse). Use the wheel labeled “fine” for CP-002 (Fine). Use the wheel labeled (super fine) for CP-003 (Super Fine) or CP-004 (Finishing Wax).

Note 1: Wheels are NOT color coded to match the compounds. Read the label to pick the recommended wheel for your polishing needs.

Note 2: Using a power rotary tool for polishing reduces workload. However, the powerful tool many damage the painted surface if not used properly. It is recommended to start with the lowest setting on the rotary and make adjustment according.

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