Single Blade Nipper 單刃斜口鉗 MH-03

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One of our most popular products in 2020. Shape blade makes removing parts from runners a bliss.

Material: Tool Steel

Overall Length: 120 mm

Weight: 62 gram (A)

Edge Hardness [HRC]: 58+

Spring: Coil Spring

Handle Cover: PVC Dipping

Surface Treatment: Anti-rust oil

Cutting Capacity: Below ⌀ 3 mm 


  • This nipper is designed to remove sprue from plastic scale model, the slim jaw blade offer an excellent cutting edge on plastics.
  • Compact head reaches target inside narrow space.


  • Only use for purpose indicated. Never use to cut materials such as metal, carbon fibers, reinforced plastic, FRP or THICK runners from your model kits.
  • Do not apply excessive force, fragments of broke blade can cause serious injury.
  • Nipper has sharp pointed tip, please handle with care. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Always wear protective goggles when using this item
  • Clean after use with dry cloth and lubricate parts with recommended oil periodically.

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