Masking Tape 143N - 24 mm 分色和紙 遮蔽膠帶 和紙膠帶 24 mm x 18 m

3MSKU: 143N24

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A general-purpose type masking tape for vehicle painting based on Japanese paper.

By optimizing the formulation of the material of the tape base material and the manufacturing method, both the elongation of the masking tape and the hand-cutting property are achieved.

It suppresses vertical tearing and can be applied neatly along uneven parts and curves.

In addition, the technology of 3M acrylic emulsion adhesive and back treatment agent has realized the suppression of adhesive residue, the prevention of floating during layering, and the lightness of unwinding.

The color of the tape base material is light green, which is highly visible for both light-colored and dark-colored vehicles, and the parting line is easy to see.

  • It is a product that is familiar to curved parts (R part) and has a light unwinding.
  • Withstands drying at 120 ° C for 1 hour.
  • 薄基材,低間細
  • 抗溶劑
  • 耐鈑噴烤漆爐高溫烘烤
  • 專業日本烤漆作業指定部品

3M™ 遮蔽系列包括遮蔽膠帶、遮蔽膜、門縫膠條、集塵等,專門為汽車鈑噴專業施工所設計,能幫助技師達到最有效率及最佳施工品質。

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