T-07 Moderate Thinner Plus

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The T-06 Brush Master is made by adding retarder to the Gaia Color Thinner, and this Gaia Moderate Thinner is made by adding fragrance.

By increasing the amount of perfume by 30% compared to the conventional product, the solvent odor during work is further suppressed.

When painting with an airbrush, the solvent odour will inevitably spread across the room. Therefore, we succeeded in reducing the unpleasant odour by adding a fragrance to this particular thinner.

Even solvent odour can be suppressed, but please do not neglect proper ventilation.

This product is based on T-06 Brush Master and effectively suppress the odour of the solvent, but it does not weaken the solvent component, so be sure to provide sufficient ventilation when using it.

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