Mr. Clear Color GX 透明色系 (18 ml) GX101 ~ GX111, GX121 ~ GX122

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GX101 ~ GX111, GX121 ~ GX122

Mr. Color featuring quick drying and strong coating develops further.

We have realized brighter color development, the hiding force of the surface color, and stronger coating. In new product Mr. Color GX also, we have realized high quality paint for the model without using “toluene” at all.

Unlike conventional clear paints whose main component is dyes, Mr. Clear Color GX is more vivid and has less deterioration due to high-grade special pigments that have been ultra-finely granulated by high-refining technology from GSI Creos.

This paint can be mixed with Mr. Color currently on the market and use Mr. Color Thinner for dilution or Leveling Thinner.

[New color] GX 121 GX Clear Rouge Sales start from September 2021

It is a clear red with a little yellowness and high transparency.

Ideal for candy painting with a lighter tone than deep red.


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