Mr. Color GX Super Clear 超級透明光油/保護漆 (18 ml)

Mr. HobbySKU: GX112

Pick your choice: Super Clear Ⅲ UV Cut [Gloss ~ 亮光澤透明]
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GX112 & 113:

Super Clear UV Cut spray B-522 and B-523 on sale now with great reviews and now available in bottle form.

The UV cutting compound contained protects the work from sunburn or yellowing due to UV rays.


Super Smooth Clear is a new clear flat coating lacquer developed with a concept which is "Make a coated film with clear flat be smoother!"
Thanks to containing fluororesin, this is able to coat smoother than the original one does. Compared with the original (C182), particles of the additive for flat are tinier as it completely covers a surface without white blurring. and the texture feels moist. Even if you apply it on molding color, it makes a model look as fully painted.

Plus! Smoother coated surface will reduce friction resistance.

  • Reduce scratch of parts due to posing.
  • Have an innovative function that can smoothen motion of parts.

For finishing your precious work, we strongly recommend to use this innovative high grade clear flat coating.

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