Mr. Super Clear Spray 油性透明光油/保護漆 - 噴罐 (170 ml)

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B-513 ~ B-516

Mr. Super Clear is a solvent-type coating agent for creating surfaces of superior quality. It can be used not only for color painting, but also as the perfect coating agent when your work needs that added touch.

B-522 ~ B-523

Many modelers have had the experience of not only direct ultraviolet light from the sun but also indoor sources such as fluorescent light fading the paint on their projects. Mr. Super Clear UV Cut series is special clear coating that reduces the effects of ultraviolet light. Use this coating to preserve your long hours of painting. (This product is made especially for the Mr. Color series and cannot be used over water-based paints and decals.)


It provides the smooth surface as well as GX114 Super Smooth Clear, and paint large area.

Mr. Super Smooth Clear Flat is developed on a concept of "make the surface smoother!". Because of including fluorine, it can provide the smoother surface compared with existing items (C182, B514) . Also it has ability that decreasing occurring of whitening phenomenon. So we can say this is the the high grade flat coat spray.

When you spray this item to unpainted plastic models, it will look like all-painted.
In addition, if the painted surface was smooth, the friction of each painted surfaces will be decreased, therefore...

→ It decrease the scratch occurring.
→ Joint parts moves smoothly.

These are epoch-making ability for plastic model paints.

Please use this as the special finishing coat for your precious works!

※Fluorine is oil or water resistant substance, but you can paint other paint like Mr.Color, Aqueous Hobby Color or Mr.Weathering Color over this spray.

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