Mr. Top Coat - Premium Topcoat Water-Based Clear Finishing Spray 高級水性透明光油/保護漆 - 噴罐

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Water based clear coating paint comes in. The really soft and translucent gloss coat finishes base color deeper.

It protects complished work from scratches with its tough coating film.

Of course, it will not ruin painted Mr. COLOR, ACRYSION, and AQUEOUS HOBBY COLOR as well as conventional product.

AQUEOUS HOBBY COLOR PREMIUM CLEAR (bottle type) and Mr.PREMIUM TOPCOAT (spray type) is on sale too.


New semi-gloss type is in our popular item, Mr. TOP COAT. Thanks to the high quality additive, a surface can be smoother.

While keeping surface smooth, you can make a model seem mechanical and solid.

Best coating for finishing Character's kits and Scale kits.


Water based matt coating agent for finishing surfaces.

High quality material is used so that the whitening phenomenon that occurs due to excess spraying is minimized to the utmost, and gloss can be eliminated while keeping the texture of color on the coated surface.

It is very effective for military models as well as for skin color in figures.

It is water based, so you can use it on surfaces painted with AQUEOUS HOBBY COLOR, ACRISION COLOR and Mr. COLOR.

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