Mr. Laplos Polishing Cloth 精密拋光研磨砂紙

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GT61 & GT62

Mr. Lapros is a product originally developed for aircraft maintenance. It was mainly used for finishing and polishing passenger windows on commercial aircraft.


  • It is difficult for deep scratches to occur on the object to be polished, and a uniform and stable finish can be obtained.
  • Structurally, it is the same as abrasive cloth paper, but because it uses a particularly soft cushioning material for the base material treatment and synthetic resin, it is soft against the polished material.
  • The product is flexible and easily adapts to the complex shapes of three-dimensional objects, resulting in a fine and beautiful finish.
  • For removing scratches, finishing, pre-finishing of compounding, and glossing of plastic products, metal products, painted surfaces, etc.
  • Both dry polishing and wet polishing with water are possible.

Structure and function:

  • Flexible base material and synthetic resin are used.
  • Abrasive is evenly dispersed in the binder and coated.

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