NAZCA Modeler's Thinner Series - Dedicated Thinner

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A brand of model supplies produced by Mr. NAOKI, who is active in prototype production and model magazine examples.

From a professional point of view, we will develop products that can be used immediately, are effective, and have excellent ideas and practicality.

While being a professional modeler who continues to actively present works centered on character models in various model magazines, he is also a sculptor who works on commercial prototypes for each manufacturer.

He is also active as a mechanical designer, and his representative works in recent years include "Gundam Build Fighters Try" and "Super Robot Wars OG Series".

He is also a multi-creator who also works as a product planner and producer for each manufacturer.

By using this dedicated thinner, wear resistance and biting on the paint surface are improved.

Therefore, even if it is used as a "color" for joints, etc., peeling / rubbing can be reduced.

It is a stronger thinner than normal Gaia Notes thinners.

It can also be use to dilute ordinary paints and has the same effect.

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