Carbon Steel Spare Blade Set (Straight & Curved) for HG Multi Knife Holder 模型多用途筆刀 專用碳鋼替刃 直線刃 曲線刃 HT-218

Wave CorporationSKU: HT-218

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Two types of convenient knife blades that can be used according to the work
  • A set of spare blades exclusively for the HG multi-knife holder. When the knife blade attached to the product is worn out, replace it for use.
  • Three blades of two types are set so that they can be used properly according to various work of model making.
    [Straight blade] Straight knife blade suitable for general work
    [Curve blade] Curved knife blade convenient for cutting fine decals and pinpoint cutting work


This product is a knife, so please handle it with care.
This product is a spare blade compatible with our "HG Multi Knife Holder".

■ Body size: Body size: Approx. 38 x 8 mm / Thickness: Approx. 0.5 mm
■ Product material: Carbon steel

* Tools, materials, parts, etc. other than this product used in the explanatory photos are not included.

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