Water Based Color Acrysion Solvent for Airbrush 新環保水性漆稀釋劑 [噴塗專用緩乾型: 第一代] (250 ml)

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A thinner liquid for diluting Acrysion when painting with an airbrush.

By adding 1 to 2 parts of the appropriate thinning liquid to Acrysion 2, it becomes possible to apply Acrysion with an airbrush at the appropriate viscosity and drying speed.

*The viscosity of Acrysion differs slightly depending on the color and storage condition, and the conditions during painting also differ depending on the customer, so when using it, please check the feel of application and the condition of the paint film based on the dilution ratio above.

Please fine-tune the amount of dilution.

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