Chipping Liquid 面漆剝離劑 剝漆介質 (40 ml)

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[Perfect for expressing realistic damage]

This is a material for "chipping", a technique used in military models to express the state where the car body color has peeled off and the underlying color is visible.

After applying a base coat with lacquer-based paint, apply chipping liquid using a brush or airbrush, and then top coat with acrylic paint.

If you apply water to the area you want to chip and leave it for a few minutes, you will be able to easily remove the top coat of acrylic paint with a toothpick.

Since the paint is actually removed, it is possible to create realistic damage that is a little different from scratches drawn with a brush.

[Basic specifications]

40 ml square bottle. Safe water-based type.

*Lacquer paint (LP, TS, AS, surfacer) is used for the base color (glossy, metallic colors are not allowed *matte metallic colors are allowed).

Please use acrylic paint for topcoat.

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