Wated Based Color: Acrysion Tool Cleaner 新環保水性漆工具清洗劑/噴塗洗筆水

Mr. HobbySKU: T-312

Size: Acrysion Tool Cleaner 100 ml [Medium]
Sale price$36.00


A cleaning tool cleaner exclusively for Acrysion.

A cleaning solution made of relatively mild solvent for Acrysion.

Please use it when you want to remove the Acrision paint film that has dried and is no longer soluble in water, or when you want to efficiently clean the inside of the cup with Acrision airbrush painting.

Although it does not have the same cleaning power as T113/T116 Mr. Tool Cleaner Kai, it can also be used to clean Mr. Color (dry state) and water-based hobby colors.

Caution: Acrysion tool cleaner falls under the class 4 class 2 petroleum hazardous materials. Please note that this is different from other Acrision and Acrision thinning liquids. Contains organic solvents, so be sure to ventilate when using and do not use in open flames.

Caution: Please note that Acrision, Acrision exclusive thinning liquid, and Acrision exclusive tool cleaner cannot be used for mixing or diluting with water-based Hobby Color, Mr. Color, or other water-based paints.

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