Wated Based Color: Acrysion Solvent 新環保水性漆稀釋劑

Mr. HobbySKU: T-302

Size: Acrysion Solvent 100 ml [Medium]
Sale price$36.00


A thinning liquid exclusively for Acrysion.

It acts as a retarder to dilute acrision and delay drying.

When applying Acrision with a brush, add a small amount of special thinning liquid to the brush to improve the brush extension of Acrision.

When applying Acrision with an airbrush, please use the easier-to-handle T315 Acrision Airbrush Thin Liquid Kai.


Caution: Please note that Acrision, Acrision exclusive thinning liquid, and Acrision exclusive tool cleaner cannot be used for mixing, diluting, or cleaning with water-based Hobby Color, Mr. Color, or other water-based paints.

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