No. 142 Honda Dax 125 ST125 - Tamiya Limited Edition

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The Dax 125 is a Honda leisure bike announced in March 2022.

It inherits the image of the first model that debuted in 1969, and adopts a T-shaped press frame and a long, thick seat.

Equipped with a 123cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine and a 4-speed transmission that does not require clutch operation, it can be enjoyed in a wide range of situations, from city riding to touring.

The Tamiya Limited Edition is a special version of the Dax.

This limited edition car, which was sold exclusively in Thailand, features a vivid metallic blue body color.

The premium finish created by the special parts attached to each part is also attractive.

[Model Specifications]

★ Total length 147 mm, total width 67 mm, total height 103 mm

★ Faithfully models the compact and unique form.

★ Parts are designed for ease of assembly and painting.

★ The air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder engine is also precisely reproduced.

★ The engine, swing arm, and front fork are fixed to the frame with screws. ★ Muffler guards and side covers are plated parts.

★ The rear damper spring is made of a special metal.

★ You can choose to assemble the limited edition or the regular version.

[You can choose to assemble the limited edition or the regular version]

In addition to the regular version, the limited edition also comes with parts and decals that allow you to recreate Tamiya's Twin Star logo and the "dachshund" decoration that is the styling image.

It also comes with a helmet part.

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