Tamiya No. 365 Toyota Soarer 2000VR-Turbo GZ10 ~ Year 1981 Version

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The Soarer was released in February 1981 as Toyota's first luxury personal car.

Its long-nose, short-deck, sophisticated style, high-performance 6-cylinder engine, and luxurious equipment that made extensive use of cutting-edge car electronics at the time attracted great popularity and attention.

The VR Turbo was added to the Soarer in June 1981.

It was equipped with a 145-horsepower inline 6-cylinder turbo engine, a 4-speed automatic transmission, and 4-wheel independent suspension, all of which were designed to provide excellent driving performance.

It enabled comfortable and relaxed high-speed driving, and solidified its reputation as the highest-class personal car of the 1980s.

[Model Specifications]

★ Length 192 mm, width 75 mm, height 56 mm.

★ The sharp style with excellent aerodynamic characteristics is modeled exactly as it is on the actual car.

★ The sunroof can be opened and closed by sliding, and you can choose between a steel type or a glass type when assembling it.

★ The interior as well as the underside of the chassis have a strong three-dimensional feel.

★ The tires are made of realistic synthetic rubber.

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